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Alison Moscoso

We live in a world full of broken relationships.

Relationship to self can feel fraught with difficulty, full of pain and unanswered longings, so we numb ourselves or fill our lives with noise.

Relationship to others can be just as difficult, leaving us feeling alone or misunderstood in a room of loved ones or seemingly trapped in cycles of miscommunication. On a macro level, a broken relationship to others manifests as injustice, as systems that don't create flourishing for all.

Relationship to God feels empty or like something that bears no significance in our lived reality.

While these broken relationships feel overwhelming and impossible to resolve, God’s Kingdom coming means that all relationships are restored – relationship to God, to self, and to others! I long to see this wholeness of relationship in our world and feel called to walk with people in their journey toward the abundant life of knowing their identity as the beloved, understanding their purpose in loving God and loving neighbor, and finding healing and freedom in their places of pain.

As ReWire staff, I tangibly live out my call through offering spiritual direction, creating curriculum to mobilize the church toward justice, and facilitating spaces of learning and growth. I work as a spiritual mentor and friend with people of all backgrounds, helping believers discover new ways of connecting with God and how to live out their faith, and helping non-believers to discover their connection to God and the life there is in Jesus.


Novo is a band of creative missionaries sent to multiply movements of the gospel and mobilize the church for mission around the world.

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